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Who’s The Fairest? How NOT to Inspire

Yes, a very good article. In our shop we put all stress on quality, quality of products, quality of producers, quality of our own assortment and of our knowledge of the products, the informationside. So is my attitude since we started in 1970 the dutch fairtrade shops,”wereldwinkels”.

We meet regularly visitors who are wondering why traditional worldshops do not have so many cultural items as they see with us. And they complain: if you have seen one shop, you have seen all of them.

Being established in one of the poorest cities of the country we need to grow for survival. Our hope is in our webshop. The molletje.nl/website has the most complete exhibition of assortment and info “that you would like to know”.

We hope to inspire our customers telling their friends about their new and interesting acquisitions. Enschede, 17 november 2016