Jan: Birthday wishes – Verjaardagswensen 2018

Eve Broadis appy birthday! 🎂

Jan H.C. VelteropThanks, Eve, today I’m really happy with a good marketing result. Telling a man about our nice recycled items as metal toys from madagascar and notebooks from elephant droppings, he immediately became a customer by buying them.

Only few people realise that fairtrading implies paying more, not buying at cheaper offerings. Better to be a thief from your own purse, as being the thief from people who have no defense against your cravings. Let’s continue to spread the word and even more to spread the deeds. Jan H.C. Velterop, 20th june, at my 82nd birthday.

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I am so pleased to hear this! I am currently having to reduce the price of beautiful items because people want cheap! But feeling positive that there are chat diners out there who ‘get it’! Have a great day – what’s left of it – and thanks for sharing ❤️

Eve Broadis82nd Birthday! I would love to share this post on my Fair Trade Scotland FB page – do I have your permission?
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Hallo Eve, that’s a nice present for my birthday. You can use this text, but you are allowed alsso to use texts from our website, or some pictures from our Madagascar stock. Although I am not the shopowner, I still have authority with the present owner, who is our daughter and I can give the permissions. Goodluck and thanks, Jan

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That’s great – thank you – I just want to share your passion – I have just turned 66 so you’re my role model 👍 Will keep in mind your website for future posts x