Zand Amsterdam and fair trade by Mick Perez

Mick Perez, owner Zand Amsterdam, at Zand Amsterdam “we believe in good karma!”

We pay our Indian tailors a triple average Indian salary.
They have a nice clean factory with a kitchen.
They work less hours then you and can take brakes as they please.
Clean cold water (very cold) is always available in the hot Indian summer, over 40°C!.
And no children are ever involved in the factory’s work.


So as you can see, Fair Trade for us is making sure the people that are part of our success also share in our success.

The only reason we can’t say that Zand Amsterdam is an official fare trade brand, is due to the fact that we have no control over the production of the cotton, the fabrics, the snap fasteners, etc..

We buy fabrics in the Asian market, we buy only ‘surplus’ stocks that we find too beautiful and good to be thrown away in a dumpster.
By buying these fabrics, we help making this world a cleaner place.

One day in the near future we hope to produce our own fabrics as well, and then we can guarantee that our complete product life cycle from A to Z is produced fair trade.

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